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 Death Ruling

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PostSubject: Death Ruling   Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:41 pm

Some where along the line a person's character will meet an untimely end on this forum. When a character does die on this forum they must create a new character following these simple rules:

1) The person may not RP in game for at least 24 hours from the time of the character's death.

2) Their rank will be dropped to the lowest rank of their level. For example an A-Rank ANBU would be dropped down to an A-Rank Jounin when they create their new character.

3) If the ninja is already at the lowest possible rank in their letter ranking system then they would be dropped down one entire level. For example a Jounin is the lowest rank of the A-Ranks, so upon their death they would drop down to a B-Rank Special Jounin.

4) The death of a Kage, Sannin or a Retired Kage will result in their next character being a Jounin, no matter what.

5) When creating a new character the character must belong to a different Village than your old one. This is to increase circulation of shinobis, so no one village stays to strong. Only when a Village is low on ninjas, may a person stay witin their old Village.

6) A dead character is a dead character, you can not bring it back if he is infact dead.

7) If a Life Transfering jutsu was used on your dead character than you may obtain it again with the character's current rank. (the exception to rule #6) Note, only the original user may claim the character and must do so by one day after beng resurrected.

Note, creating a new character without the original character dieing will result in the same penalties.
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Death Ruling
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