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Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Ozami    Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:17 am

Name: Ozami Tadashi
Nickname: Tada-chan
Age: 13yrs
Gender: Female

Appearance: Tada stands about 5'1 and was born with mouths located in her palms because of her bloodline.
Tada-chan looks a bit like a Chinese doll with large, golden eyes and short, black hair done up with long braids and cat-like hair buns. She also wears a pink flower and a golden tassel on the left cat ear-like hair decoration. She wears a short cheongsam that is colored black and lavender and is decorated with dark pink petals or leaves. Over it, she wears a short, blue jacket. She also wears black, thigh-high tights, black ballet shoes and gold ankle bracelets with bells for decorations.

Height: 5'1
Weight: unknown
Personal Preference: males
Personal Effects: n/a
Phobia: fear of falling in love

Personality:Tada has a couple of mixed personality's (not a personality disorder and more of a tomboyish personality), depends on the situation. While she has her good days, she's hyper and always smiling, most of the times she gets in trouble for pulling pranks on her fellow classmates at the academy. She very independent, and loyal to those she trust which is a very few since she have issues trusting others. When there's a difficult situation going on, tada tries her best to remain calm but sometimes panics (but does not show it). When Tada is angry/depressed, she tends on taking it out on others, but she always warn others, to leave her alone. Other than that shes a very fun kunoichi.

Origin: Konoha
Ninja Village: Konoha

Rank: Must start out as a Genin

Blood Line/Clan: bakuton-bloodline

Character's History: [Birth/before the academy]

Tada-chan was born in konoha, and was gifted to be born to an noble family. Her father was a ninja from The Land of Earth. Her mother was a beautiful young women who met tada's father at a mission that they were assigned to, work together as allies. Eventually Tada's parents have fallen in love and that's when Tada was born. As tada was growing up she use to get teased by kids around her age since she was an easy target. At first Tada was really shy but eventually she decided to stick up for her self. The times that she arrives to her home crying, her mom would tell her that she's very unique and that she will always have someone to dislike her because they envy her beauty. Her mother's words changed how she felt about her self. she felt more confident and proud with herself. When ever those bullies tries to bother her, Tada just ignores them which made them feel stupid. They were surprised on how fast Tada changed.

One fine day Tada watched her father train while her mother was making dinner. She thought that becoming a ninja would be great and that the fact her parents would be proud of her. Tada-chan speaks to her father and tells him that she would like to become a shinobi. At first her father was surprised but right away he took her seriously and begins to give her some training sessions for a while till she was ready to start the academy.

[During the academy]

During the time she spent at the Academy, she was doing really well when it comes to preforming simple jutsus and when there were exam days. tada made friends right away during her stay. Since she was open mined and free spirited, lots of her comrades looked up to her as a leader. Many didn't know that she was in the bakuton-bloodline. Sometimes Tada does not tell anyone the clan shes from, it's not because she ashamed but many people would expect too much from her and she hates being the center of attention. Through the years the the academy she was ahead of her class, and sometimes she would get in trouble because of the small pranks she pulls on people, but either way she had a great time and felt so confident and proud of her self when she finally graduated from the Academy.

[Genin Arc]

During her time of being a Genin, Tada was assigned to a team with her best friend. After a while they became rivals but remained friends no matter what. Tada wanted to surpass her best friend. On her first D rank mission with her team, Tada worked really well with her teammates and sensei. Everyone in the team completed the mission quickly. During her days off she works as a gardener, after her shift she blows things up during her free time. Tada use to get into allot of trouble in the village for blowing up people's homes. She always let her superiors know it's because the victims were either calling her a freak or being disrespectful. For the past weeks, Tada continues completing missions with her sensei and team.


After receiving the rank chuunin, Tada was sent out to a dangerous mission with her sensei and teammates which turns out to be a tragedy because after a couple of higher ranked ninja ambushed the team Tada was the only one who managed to stay alive. After the news get to the hokage he send out several elite shinobi's to check if anyone was alive. They eventually found Tada, they dont know how she managed to stay alive but she spent over a month in the hospital for intensive care. Soon after a full recovery she was assigned to a new team, and finally meets Vash for the first time. She always try to leave the memories of her old teammates and sensei behind her because it's just too painful for her. She is very thankful for being alive.

Nindo: "Life is about setting goals for yourself no matter how impossible they seem to be"

Goal: To become a well known shinobi

RP Experience: 5yrs

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PostSubject: Re: Ozami    Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:37 pm

Some gaps in the history but all around a petty good bio. Approved thumb up

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