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 Danzou & Hanzou

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Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: Danzou & Hanzou   Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:43 pm

Name: Danzou & Hanzou
Nickname: Brothers of Death - Demon Brothers
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Appearance: Both brothers look similar as they both wear a breath mask and wear a claw on their hands. Other than a few differences the brothers are almost impossible to tell the difference. Both brothers stand a little over 6 feet tall and somehow have developed a permanent scowl and serious face even when happy. Their blood dark red eyes are said to be the eyes of demons and that by gazing to long into their eyes would cause one to go mad. Each brother has black and seem to always be together. Though usually only Hanzou is seen as Danzou is usually hidden within his brother.

Danzou differs from his brother in some ways. Danzou wears a large metal claw on his right hand and wears one large spiked horn connected to his ninja headband. Unlike his brother his hair is more well kept as he wears it straight downward and normally has a black cloak surrounding his body. Under his cloak he wears mesh metal jacket to reduce damage and has tape surrounding his body to keep bones from popping out of place. Over his jacket and and tape he wears a flat jacket of a Kiri ninja he once killed.

Hanzou on the other hand has a large metal claw on his left hand and wears two horned spikes similar to that of a demon connected to his ninja headband. His hair is long but not well kept instead it has a spiky like appearance. Unlike his brother he does not wear a cloak but instead a camouflage shirt and a brown shyt over it.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 192 pounds
Personal Preference: Female (Money beats that though)
Personal Effects: Wad of cash inside their shirt, with a book of high priced ninjas.
Phobia: Fear of being poor

Personality: Hanzou is usually quiet and refuses to speak ever as he usually lets Danzou speak. If he ever speaks it is either because Danzou is not around, if he is speaking to Danzou himself, or something important needs to be said. Though most find this behavior weird Hanzou sees no reason to speak unless it is absolute. As he never speaks he prefers to avoid people who speak to much as he considers those people unfit to be ninjas if they are and just nuisances. Though he does not speak he has been showed to have a short temper with things he find annoying. He has worked on this character flaw but is seen occasionally attacking people he finds annoying. Though Danzou keeps him calm most of the time.

Danzou is the calm and analytical of the two, though Hanzou is not as intelligent as Danzou he is still as smart as an average shinobi. Because Hanzou is the body who usually is outside many believe he is dominant personality however, in reality danzou is the true dominant side he just prefers not to be seen, and stay within the shadows. Unlike his twin brother Danzou is extremely calm and has a strong leadership personality. Many follow him simply because of his deep voice and abilities to use words in such a pattern that can convince people to believe in what he is saying. Though both brothers are led by greed Danzou seems to be the most gluttonous one of all always thinking of a way to make more money. Though he would never betray the ones he has aligned himself with he will kill anyone he has to to make money.

Origin: Water Country
Ninja Village: None

Rank: B Class Rogue

Blood Line/Clan: Souma no Kou Kekkei Genkai

Character's History: Born into a small and poor clan their mother became extremely upset to see that she had twins instead of one child. As the clan was extremely poor they did not have enough money to support two children. Their mother blamed their father who was no longer around, and she was forced to choose between one of her two children to kill. As she was making her decision she was surprised to see that the two children had become one. She had no idea where the other one had went until she noticed a weird growth sprouting out from the neck of her child. She investigated it and saw that her other son's head was sprouting from her other child. She was disgusted by this and no longer wanted her children, she cursed them and offered them to the first person who would take them. Shockingly the children was taken by a former ninja of the mist. The women ninja killed their mother as she was disgusted that a woman would give away her children.

The woman shinobi trained her adopted children to become ninjas just like her. As the children grew they wondered more about their past and so the kunoichi told them of how she saved them from an impoverished mother who never wanted them. She did not spare their feelings as she believed a ninja should be able to bottle all forms of emotion and set it aside. At first the brothers took their mother's rejection hard but they quickly overcame it and took a vow to never become poor and desperate like the women they despised. That day they lost all forms of their emotion and began training even harder.

By the age of 15 their adopted mother had told them that they would have to fend for theirselves now as she would not raise them anymore. She left her children with only a little bit of money and a few ninja tools. The twin ninjas took this as an advantage to become rich together without having a home and thus no place to return. They first needed more money and thus they attacked ninjas from Kirigakure. The first mist ninjas they attacked they stole their attire so they could pose as kiri ninjas. Though they had to kill the ninjas so they could not tell anyone of what they did it had no effect on them. While wearing their uniforms they the ninjas acted as Chuunin mist ninjas to trick other ninjas of their identity so they could kill and rob them of their money and weapons. Though later on the brothers was not able to kill all the ninjas they attacked as a squad of genins and a Jounin was to much for them. Though they were able to kill the Genins the Jounin was too much for them and they had to escape.

Soon the brothers became known for their trick as the Jounin had told everyone of what they were doing. The brothers would have to leave the water country as it soon became unsafe their. They began their search for a new life in the Lightning Country. Though they did not kill any ninjas in the Lightning Country they instead killed people who was wanted and had a bounty on their head. Soon they became more and more known as brothers who killed anyone they began tracking. The Brothers of Death or Demon Brothers. Any person they chose to track and kill would be dead within a week. Now the brothers work with other ninjas to make more money in hopes to become the richest ninjas of all time.

Nindo: Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.

Goal: Become the richest ninjas ever.

RP Experience: little over 2 years

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PostSubject: Re: Danzou & Hanzou   Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:26 am


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Danzou & Hanzou
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