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 Ultimate Shinobi 2.0

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PostSubject: Ultimate Shinobi 2.0    Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:35 am


Official Storyline
For over a millennia the Tatazumai (shaper) prophecies, stored in the fire temple but available to any whatever their village or creed has predicted the future with uncanny accuracy. Its words are venerated and elements of it serve as required teaching throughout the Shinobi academies of the world. According to the fire monks who protect and preserve it the writings foresaw the coming of each of the ages, the fall of empires, the crowing of the Daimyou and most importantly of all the dawn of the Shinobi and the rise of the Shinobi nations. It spoke of the secret villages and of the birth to great men and women who in turn who shape the world about them. Yet like all such prophecies not all of its predictions are good and one above all feared. Though it gave no date the Tatazumai prophecies spoke of the coming an age it called Nendai Ranmyaku, the age of chaos and with it untold violence, conflict and death. It is said cities will be swallowed up, nations reduced to ash and war will plague the land. This age is heralded by great and unexplainable naturals events that are said will lay the foundations of discord to come and turn 5 to 4. For centuries the world has live oblivious, confident that the age is a long time coming but time it appears is not on their side. A year ago the first signs the something was wrong appeared with mountains sinking into the earth, natural springs that have existed centuries drying up and whole villages disappearing in the night. In time these got worse and the world itself appeared to be out of sync. Terror swept across the land and centuries old stability was shaken as the small villages suffered untold losses while the great ones came unexpectedly strong. An as the traditional balance of power faded so too did the humility of the greater nations for as their power grew their hunger for more rose within them and ambition flared in the councils of powerful. Even so many still did not recognise what this heralded but soon enough could not doubt the age of Chaos had dawned as 5 became 4. No one had foreseen the meteor the fall on Iwa nor could guess that it would strike an unknown fault line running deep beneath it. The falling star did something 8 wars had not achieved, destroyed Iwa and most of the earth country an all done in a matter of seconds. With the deaths and the destruction Iwa the fragile stability that existed between the nations was shattered.

Now the remaining great nations muster their strength in these dangerous times either in hopes of expanding or defending against the ensuing war. There can be little doubt with the balance broken that such as inevitable. This is an age of heroes and tyrants, holy men and mad men, monsters and martyrs. This is age of total war, the subjugation of ones neighbours and the cowing of ones enemies. This the time of Nendai Ranmyaku, the Age of Chaos.

What is US 2.0?
Ultimate Shinobi (commonly known as US) was a site which was born February 2009 by a man named Adam. The forum quickly grew in popularity and members and so did the Role playing level. The site also grew a following which makes up the core of staff and members today. With the addition of new, exciting staff the ideas evolved to the point were it was decided to move to a new site, where each and every idea could thrive. Thus, Ultimate Shinobi 2.0 was born with the core staff from Ultimate Shinobi. The site admins Adam (Head Admin), Todd, Hugh, Dan, Pat and John strived to make and build a successful RPG that would cater for all people. US 2.0 also has a dedicated and talented moderation group which are full of skill and knowledge. The idea of 2.0 is to make a far more balanced RP with some new features to help the users guide themselves, but without restraining the true creativity that must exist on a Free-Form based RPG.[/font]

What to expect from Ultimate Shinobi 2.0;
  • A dedicated, friendly Administration and Moderation group with years of experience.
  • An enjoyable, relaxed role-playing community which will make you feel right at home.
  • Three open and active villages (Kiri, Kumo, Suna)
  • A new free-form role-playing system called 'Ultimate Conflict'
  • Inter-Village warfare and role-playing.
  • Mission-based ranking system.
  • The possibility of much, much more creation and customization of characters for endless fun.

So wait no more! Come join the adventure that is now Ultimate Shinobi 2.0.

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Ultimate Shinobi 2.0
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