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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Wed Feb 18, 2009 11:45 am

Naruto Ninja Legend General Rules

This is where all the basic and general rules of this forum can be located, even the basic Behavior rules can be found in this section. If any violations of these rules occur, pm an Admin so the rules may be enforced. Look at the following general rules to see what you need to read and go in order to find the correct list of rules, or just start from the beginning and read it all.

  • General Forum Rules
  • General Behavior Rules
  • General RPG Rules

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Number of posts : 144
Registration date : 2008-05-24

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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:31 pm

General Forum Rules

Once you register into this Forum, the first rules you have to have in mind are the following rules.

1. No illegal Multi-accounting, there are rules that are set in place that allows someone to multi-account in our forum. However, if one does not go through the proper forms to gain a second account it will be taken as illegal multi-accounting, which will result in a harsh punishment as getting banned for a certain time and in some cases decrease in rank. If you have a brother or sister or anyone who is using the same computer as you pm an Admin and post up the person's account in the correct topic.

2. Before posting anything, make sure you are posting it in the correct place. Each forum has a brief yet descriptive summary about what should be posted there, below it's name. It is better to read a little description for a few seconds than post something in the wrong area. This can result in the removal of the topic or the topic being ignored.

3. Beware of double posting. Double posting can be considered spam and when spamming in a topic it can clutter up the topic and make it harder for others to read and understand the topic. If a moderator or Admin can not understand the topic it may get over looked and ignored.

4. Bumping is allowed in topics, however do not abuse bumping since that can involve in clutter and may be consider spamming. You are only allowed to bump once in a topic, once a day and no more. If you continually to bump in one day moderators and Admins are allowed to ignore your post.

5. If you see something wrong in someone else's topic, please pm the respected moderator or an admin explaining what is wrong with the person's topic. If it happens to be a jutsu topic or something along those lines and it has not been approved or denied yet, there is no need to send a pm. Seeing as the respected moderator should be able to correct and point out the mistake.

6. Kekkei Genkais and/or Clan mixtures of any kind are strictly prohibited in this forum. Seeing as mixtures are overpowered and the member must choose one over the other when the situation arrives.

7. No Canon Characters or Canon names are allowed in Ninja Legend. We do not need five different wannabe Kakashis running around with their names and how they act similar to him as well.

8. Age and time is important in a realistic RPG, but on a non Real Time RPG such as a Forum RPG, such things are hard to control. Because of that, character ages are the members choice to make and there choice alone, as long as it fits in with the normal "age range". It makes little to no sense to see a 10 year old Kage nor a 25 year old Genin.

9. Read the rules and follow the templates before requesting or posting up anything. The first template a member should look at should be the character template, by following the template the member should be able to complete a character without needing any corrections. By reading a rule or template you may be able to avoid making any changes, in anything you post.'

10. Ninja Legend does allow one to spread the word of other forums on our humble site however, posting outside of the Advertisement area is strictly not allowed. This will result in the post being deleted and the person who made it permanently banned, there are no exceptions in this matter.

Last edited by Admin on Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:12 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Number of posts : 144
Registration date : 2008-05-24

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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Wed Feb 18, 2009 1:58 pm

General Behavior Rules

This is the Code of Behavior for our forum, and shall be looked at as how one should conduct their behavior while in our forum.

1. Respect everyone. Do not insult nor make fun of other members or moderators. By lack of respect of others may result in a temporary ban or even a permanent ban, depending on the severity. If you learn to solve problems without arguing this will be productive however, if you can not get along with someone avoid contact with that person.

2. Respect all the decisions made by moderators and administrators. Sometimes, the reason of the actions they make may not be very clear to you. If you do not understand their side, please simply send a pm to him/her, asking what is their reason for the decision. Have in mind that the pm must not have bad language, insults or any show of disrespect. If it does, the punishment may sometimes result in a temporary or even a permanent ban.

3. Do not bug the mods or admins all the time or to the point where they may be frustrated. If you have warned the moderator or administrator about something, don't worry, they will fix it or give their opinion on it in due time. Remember that mods and admins have a life of their own and may have more important business currently.

4. Ninja Legend allows a limited amount of swearing both on in game and out of game, although this forum highly recommends you not to swear, especially if someone asks you not to or feels uncomfortable. This forum highly believes in freedom of speech and the freedom to express oneself, but these forms of freedom also has a limit and offending someone is over it.

5. Stay away from inappropriate sexual and racial references. You may make a reference that you consider a joke however, if you make an inappropriate sexual or racial reference to a member on this forum it can be taken the wrong way. If the member feels as if they were disrespected in any way they have the right to pm an Admin and the Admin has the right to take actions all the way up to permanent banning if the reference was to disrespectful.

6. Leave what happens outside this forum, outside this forum. It is more than likely that some members know other members outside this forum in real life. If something happens outside this forum leave it outside do not bring up things up that are inappropriate that has happened, in conversation.

7. Do not post in any character/jutsus/clan/equipment topics that aren't yours unless you are a mod of the topic or an admin. The mods or admins will tell the member everything they need to know and to correct. If you do post, it will be considered spam.

8. Extremely offensive (sexual, racial, etc..) avatars and signatures can be taken the wrong way and will be greatly looked down upon. These kinds of images are inappropriate and conflicts with this forum's idea of appropriate avatars. Although we believe in freedom of self expression, like it was stated before freedom is limited.

9. Do not show up on an RP topic to make an "off topic" post. Pm the member(s) if you have to tell the member(s) anything about the topic they are in. This also avoids spam and avoids arguments within a topic.

10. Do NOT post in a topic to insult your fellow Ninja Legend members for any circumstances, this can lead to major penalties to your account. This forum is not one which condones reckless behaviors or antics which can be considered rude or offend other Ninja Legend members.

11. Do not under any circumstance involve yourself in violent discussions with subjects like politics/religion/sexual tendencies/race or any other subject like these, nor even harass or insult someone because of their beliefs/opinions. Like stated previously, this forum believes in freedom of speech no matter the topic. Once again, freedom of speech and expression has a limit and when that limit is crossed is when your own opinions conflict with the forum's ideas. Racism, sexism, homophobia and other things similar to these topics aren't encouraged and people with such ideologies are advised to leave the forum or change there behavior.
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Number of posts : 144
Registration date : 2008-05-24

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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:57 pm

General RPG Rules

These are the basic RPG rules of the Naruto Ninja Legend Forum. Read these rules carefully.

1. This is the most obvious rule of the forum, there is no forms of Godmoding allowed in our in our forum of any kind, or GM for short. Battle moderators will look into battles to snuff out and make sure someone is not GMing and in multiple cases of extreme GM punishments such as Mod-Kill will occur.

2. In one post a ninja may only post at least 60 words. 60 words is not a lot of words, so posting any less than this amount gives an admin the reason to delete the person's post.

3. Ninjas are not allowed to post in two different topics/locations at the same time. Since one person can not be at two places at the same time this rule is self explanatory.

4. Make sure the topic you are entering makes sense to actually enter, even if you are allowed in the topic. For example, if you are from Konoha, why would you be in an RPG topic in Suna? Unless you are traveling or you are an attacking ninja or performing a mission of some sort, that wouldn't make much sense at all.

5. NEVER under any circumstance mix any OCC information with any form of IC information! This is extremely serious and major penalties will be applied to whoever does mix OOC information with IC information. Avoid as much as possible to make OCC arrangements of important topics and never act as if your character knows the same as you do OOC wise. (OOC= out of character/ IC= In character)

6. Changes

6a) Character: Most people like any others want to have a new character due to an epiphany or just bored with their own character. To make a new character simply repeat the process in which you created your first in Character Creation Zone. Link: Character Creation Note, you must create the character one rank lower than your previous character as if they died. The lowest level of demotion is genin.

6b) Villages: To change villages is a different process as changing your village requires a request within the Request Area and post a reason behind this motive. There is no consequence for this request.

6c) Kekkei Genkai/Clan: To enter a clan or gain a Kekkei Genkai is another request that will be needed. All requests will require a RP in which shows how you unlocked your KG or was accepted into the Clan.

7. Make sure your posts are readable and coherent before posting it. Use correct the words instead of abbreviations (except for game terms), and make sure your sentences are structured well. Use word processors to help you and if you're really old school, a dictionary. OCC typos are fine, however while role playing good grammar is crucial and can make a good role player a great one. This is an international forum so not everyone has English as their major language, but an effort has to be given.

8. Better role players will gain the benefit of doubt against terrible or worst role players. The better you RP the more chances you will have the Admins will favor you in a determined situation in battle. If a person responding with a simplistic and non-detailed situation to a carefully structured and defined post, expect the Admins' interference and expect the simplistic person to have some unpleasant penalties and the better RPer to get off.

9. A person may steal weapons however, the user must be able to use the weapon. For example, a person with lvl 1 weaponry can use any type of katana not Zanpaktous thus they can not steal a Zanpaktou and use it. However, they can steal and use any Katana that require higher weapon knowledge than they have. Also a person can only receive weapons that require higher knowledge than they have only by stealing them, not by someone giving them away or by bounties.

10. Everyone has to take at least 48 hours to reply to a post within a topic they have posted in. If they exceed this 48 time period, the other person may ask for an admin or battle mod to execute a mod-kill. If the battle mod or admin believes they refused to post as the person would of dies in the fight, the battle mod or admin may make the mod kill actually result in the death of their character.

11. The Admins will always have the final say on any situation RP wise, even over any Moderator. If an admin finds anything particularly unfair in a battle, regardless of the previous rulings of a battle mod, an Admin may issue a different result to a situation and their ruling will be the final one, unless another Admin steps in. Remember, the Admins made these rules, not the other way around,.
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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   

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General Rules
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