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 DragonballZ EPIC rpg

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Konoha Chuunin
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PostSubject: DragonballZ EPIC rpg   Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:08 pm

It has been a millennia since the original events told in the hit manga and anime series, DragonBall. All of the original heroes have passed away, and now it's up to their descendants to protect the universe once more.

  • On his death-bed, the legendary prince of saiyans Vegeta gathered the seven fabled Dragonballs, and using them he resurrects the powerful saiyan race with their home planet (also known as Vegeta). He spent his last day finally a king, before passing on peacefully. A thousand years later the saiyans have forgotten of there peaceful king, whom had befriended so many humans, and have begun the Invasion of other planets, the mighty empire has finally begun its advance on the universe
  • Namek has a new Guru, one who is not afraid to fight for the land granted to them a some thousand years ago, being one of the first planets in the saiyans path it was clear that Namek was in danger, with new transformation and new found powers, the mighty Namek race must fight for its life.
  • On the planet Ica, shortly after the announcement of the deaths of both King and Frieza Kold, the world broke out into a huge-scale war as Icers of all families turned anarchic, each attempting to take the newly-empty thrones. Nearly one thousand years later, a new family managed to put themselves above the rest, easily subduing the turmoil. This family took the mantle of the World Trade Organization, resurrecting the title. Quickly following in the footsteps of it's spiritual father, the New WTO seized control of Arconian, using the diverse sentients as it's primary footsoldiers (some even raising higher in the ranks of the organization than most Icers). Rapidly growing in power and wealth, they have their eyes on the rest of the galaxy...

  • And finally, our heroes on Earth. The descendants of the original warriors are still strong in the ways of fighting; however, the urgency of which they train has declined over the generations, as no threats have surfaced. Now they must pick up the slack again, as a tonne of new foes appear all at once!

  • Cannons available

  • Potential staff applications accepted

  • Vaste roleplay potential, you make the story!

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DragonballZ EPIC rpg
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