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 Missions, Bounties and Traveling

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PostSubject: Missions, Bounties and Traveling   Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:50 pm

Missions, Bounties and Traveling


A Hidden Village's ninja acts as their militia for their country, but ninja villages also acts as a business in many ways by performing missions. Each day clients will come to the village and pay for the services of the Hidden Villages' ninjas. These jobs can range from the minuscule, to the extremely dangerous such as defending the Feudal Lord from a numerous amount of assassins. Only the sensei of a Genin team can request for missions on Genin teams and they are responsible for the well being of the ninjas on their teams. However, in some cases some teams are broken down into a two man or three man cells which can be more efficient in completing missions, and if a cell has no determined leader any member of the team may request for a mission for the team.

Mission Ranks

All missions are divided into different ranks depending on the severity of the mission S, A, B, C and D and then given to a ninja or ninja team/cell based on their ability. If the mission is completed successfully, the client will then pay the village who will then pay the ninja(s).

Quote :
* D Rank: The lowest rank of missions. Physical labor, finding lost pets, walking someone's dog, among other things, usually taken inside the village. These missions never carry any real possible danger and are truly simple in nature.

* C Rank: Little higher than D rank missions and a little bit more risky in nature. Escorting groups, guarding semi-important people, gathering some important information, capturing minor criminals and offenders are usually considered C rank missions. These missions may be possibly dangerous but is unlikely, in many cases ninja will have to leave their village to perform these kind of missions.

* B Rank: Defending someone or something important, carrying important merchandise, relocating important people to the village, or even information gathering are missions of this rank. The risk of confrontation and getting killed is high on these kind of missions.

* A Rank: Invading villages, protecting the village against invasions, assassination of powerful ninjas and criminals, gaining important intel without being spotted and locating and killing village enemies. The risk of death on these missions are extremely high and the difficulty is monstrous.

* S Rank: These missions tend to be urgent missions of great danger or world importance matters or even Top Secret Village affairs. These missions include assassination of important people, transporting classified documents and materials, traveling as ambassadors to hostile villages. With the extreme danger comes a very high rate of failure and the ninja may actually die on missions of this severity.

Completing missions given by you Kage. After successful missions, you will receive a decent amount of Points. Don't forget that the ninjas need to have certain ranks in order to do certain missions.

Quote :
D- 6
C- 12
B- 16
A- 22
S- 26

Being a Kage is hard, for one must give missions to the others and can not take missions of their own except on rare occasions. However, they will not receive any Jutsu Points for assigning a completed mission. Kages will receive a Jutsu Points salary of 30 Jutsu Points every month. Villages will receive half of what the completed mission Justu Points and it will go into the Village's Treasury. On the other hand if a mission is unsuccessful the village will lose half of the normally appointed Jutsu Point.


Bounties are an important way for ninjas to get revenge on other fellow ninjas or get jobs done they normally could not accomplish. It is better to set a bounty and let the person put their self in harms way instead of you. One must post their bounty in the respected forum, "Bingo Book".

A bounty topic is set on this forum for all to see and accept.

For a bounty to be placed your character MUST hear a rumor or rumors about the ninja, the ninja is well known or your character knows the ninja.


Traveling can be made for bounties, missions or just for the sake of traveling, ninjas travel to other villages for a multitude of reasons. If you feel like traveling go a head however if you are spotted near a feuding village you may not survive.

For a ninja to travel from one Village to another it will take 6 hours to get there and can only post there if the full 6 hours has passed. If one must enter a new village or exit a village a ninja must post their character doing so. If you leave a village without the Kage's permission and you are found out the village may hunt you down or set out bounties/wanted orders for other villages to collect if the ninja enters that village. Note, exiting a village to a part of the country outside the village will only take 30 minutes and heading the way back as well.
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Missions, Bounties and Traveling
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