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 Bleach Universe [LB]

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PostSubject: Bleach Universe [LB]   Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:11 pm

Rioshi Made This Information, I made the new banner.

Timeskip Announcement

Two centuries have passed as the Gotei Thirteen was sealed in a time distortion, the Captain Commander's capture revealed to all as the events of new overtook the legends of yesterday.

Zanai walk the streets, shinigami numbered and trained in fighting force. After training underground with Rein, Michael the Berserker has finally emerged from his many years of isolation from the sunlight- Rein matured now fully able to use Shikai and reinforced with hidden vaults of reiatsu. Rumors fly of the Captain of the 13th squad taking on snakelike tendencies in her policing the city as bounts and summons alike scour the Sereitei. The Court of the Heavenly Souls is bustling with activity, and far away the sixth and the zero espada perfect their Resurreciones in preparation for events yet to come. Newcomers such as Adrian take their place in the shinigami structure, yet even then the threat of the sins is just mere days away. As Zander and Cecilia awake to their revived bodies, a grey haired and dying twelfth greets them to the world as it stands today.

Yet not all is right in this Utopian paradise. Spies lurk in the shadows, the eleventh falling into disrepair while the first division falls from the sky upon the citadel without the charge of the Captain Commander's reiatsu. The fourth is overloaded with hollows that come out at night and devour people alive, while Leam has devoted himself single mindedly to the pursuit of changing the world so the events of a mass suicide before his eyes never happens again.

It is December 31st, and the day of the awakening for the events set in motion. By midnight tonight, the timeskip of the Music Box will fall and the Court of Heavens will return to the world again. Like a puff of smoke from the Cuban Nightmares, nothing shall ever be the same again.
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Bleach Universe [LB]
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