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PostSubject: Warfare   Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:55 pm


The dictionary defines War as "a state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties".

This definition can be taken into many forms but how war is declared and why war is declared is looked hard upon on this site. A war can also be declared by a criminal group, these types of wars will be considered invasions, but a war none the less.

War can be declared for a large amount of reasons or just one, here are a few reasons why a group or village may declare a war on another village.

1. Bad relationship between the opposing village that can not be disarmed in a civil manner.
2. To expand their own territory, or gain their resources.
3. Simply because the village or group is into destroying or attacking villages.
4. To bring down the current leader of that village and assume the political power of the village.
5. The village has broken a promise that can not be resolved peacefully.
6. Power that is only seen with the downfall of another village.
7. The simplicity of boredom is a good enough reason if the village or group would want to wage war on a village.
8. The two villages are feuding villages with ninjas on each side hates one another.
9. Jealousy of the village's prosperity and wealth.
10. A village or group has performed an outrageous action that resulted in their eradication.
11. The village is under another village's control and they want to strike back.

Declaring War

War can be declared verbally, written or by action. If a village or group declares war verbally a ninja or ambassador must enter the village in which they plan to declare war on and inform the Kage or aide or any high ranking ninja of the village. If war is declared in the written word yet again a ninja or ambassador must deliver the letter to a Kage or high ranking ninja. Note, when a ninja or ambassador informs the person they are declaring war, it is civil and customary that they allow the ninja or ambassador to return back to their village. Finally war can be declared by a simple action such as, attacking the village or invading the village in mass numbers. This is the most common way of declaring war but it is the least respectable form of declaring war however, by doing this the village will be caught off guard and much easier to defeat in the long run.

Main War Rulings

Entering The Village

A war starts with the attacking village or group ninjas posting at the village gate of the defending village. To be able to enter the village, one must be able to pass through the gates to actually attack the village. Either peacefully pass through the gates or forcefully go through by battling the guards. Village guards ranks can range from Chuunins to ANBU and from one ninja on patrol to 4 ninjas guarding the gates, so any ninja with a lower rank than the the guards ranks cannot, in any possible way, defeat them unless a ninja of a higher or equal rank helps them. A RVC (Resered Vilage Character) guard is controlled only by a member of the defending village (preferably the Kage) and not of the attacking village since the attacking village ninjas tends to kill off ninjas with ease or little difficulty, whether the rank is lower or higher than their rank.

In some cases gates are built extremely high and are patrolled at the top by Special Jounin guards as well as the entrance.

Though there are four gate entrances in most villages, a North, East, South, and West gate there are other ways to enter a villages other than defeating the guards.
1. Attacking and tearing the walls down with brute force
2. Scaling the outer walls of a Village is possible
3. Flying over the gates
4. Disguising one's self as a civilian and enter the gates peacefully.
5. Tunneling under the gate (though almost impossible), etc......


Since, battles that are supervised are more fair and can be easily fixed without someone complaining to Admins, Battle Mods will be supervising all fights in warfare and invasions. In any kind of battle, it is always easier and less confusing in an one on one match however, there are certain occasions that a weird numbered or team fight battle may occur, the ratio being 2:1 or 3:2, because of the unnatural difference in each village ranks and amount of shinobis in the village.

Other Lands

How to wage wars on Multi-Account Villages

Waging war on Multi-Account Villages are much harder than attacking a normal Village as they are weaker and can not defend their land as well. To wage war on a Multi-Account Village at least one of these conditions mus be met.

1. The feuding village started the war by performing a brutal act against your village
2. They have threatned your village or village ninjas
3. You wish to gain something from that Village, that has a high value
4. The Village's existance threatens your Village

Note, NPC Countries can not be attacked as they can not attack back seeing as they are NPCs obviously.
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