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 Weather, and Time

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PostSubject: Weather, and Time   Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:14 pm

It is impossible to perfectly forecast the weather no matter how good you are at it. In Ninja Legend we have created a weather system that will change the condition of certain villages at certain times. This has come to be seeing as many create a condition in battle which can be seen unfair if the condition is to their advantage. So the weather system will be set in place for all to see.

Obviously it is impossible to see a hailstorm in Sunagakure, or to witness a sandstorm in Kiri, unless jutsus are involved and still with the village's normal ecosystem the jutsus may not work or be less effective. The weather system will be set in place for every village (even Mult-iAccount Villages, and the destroyed Oni Village). Some normal weather conditions such as rain will be forecast for all the members to see, but some weather conditions will be a surprise not even the Kages will know about. The surprise weather conditions will be a shock for all and all are strong enough to cause sever damage to total destruction some may give you time to prepare but others will give you barely anytime. For example, a hurricane is heading towards Kiri, obviously the hurricane will be spotted before it hits. So, the village's ninjas are giving a limited time to react. The whole village will be given two to three days (real life) to prepare for the hurricane. Or it may be a surprise earthquake that is already damaging the village of Iwa, now all the RPing ninjas there must roleplay there way out of it and what they did to protect their villagers. Since an earthquake is a quick event all ninjas must post within 30 hours and then post the aftermath soon later.

Even though the system is kept in the realm of reality, there still needs to be a time period for different seasons. That is why Ninja Legend is broken down into 3 years for every real year. For those who did not understand what was just written, that means one forum years equals four months in reality. For every one month in real life a new season will appear, and due to the season the weather will change. For example, it is winter in Kirigakure, so most normal weather forecast would be low temperature and snowing in certain locations. While in the Summer, Kiri's normal weather would be more humid and more heated. However, seasons will also effect surprise weather as well. Since most hurricanes start around the summer, expect hurricanes during that particular season and a hail/snowstorm will only be seen in the winter.

Quote :
Year 1


Quote :
Year 2


Quote :
Year 3



January - Winter
February - Spring
March - Summer
April - Autumn
May - Winter
June - Spring
July - Summer
August - Autumn
September - Winter
October - Spring
November - Summer
December - Autumn

Note: Everyone should increase their age by one year at the end of every four months on their profile so their is no confusion, and for greater efficiency.

Some seasons some villagers may not experience in their village. Such as, Suna will never experience winter or any other season except summer, due to Suna's year round scorching heat and blazing sun. Even though it may be time for Suna to experience winter, the only change may be a minuscule decrease in temperature and less droughts.

The weather will just not effect a person's roleplay by just giving them another thing to RP about, but it will also enhance or decrease jutsus as well. For example, if a drought is occurring in Suna it may increase Katon ninjutsus and greatly decrease Suiton ninjutsus (depending on it's strength and longevity). A wind storm may increase Fuuton and decrease Hibikiton, and rain may enhance Suiton and Raiton. However, the stronger the weather the more it will increase or decrease something. That is why surprise weather conditions will greatly enhance jutsus but will greatly increase the threat of death, as well.
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Weather, and Time
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