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 Naruto RPG Site new just open need memebers.

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PostSubject: Naruto RPG Site new just open need memebers.   Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:57 am

^.^ Hey all this is my Naruto RPG site. It is a new site that is now all up and running and rady for members. ^_^

The time line is set in Naruto Shippuden time line at the start of it. However this is an alternate universe of the Naruto world as we know it.


After a failed attempt at destroying the Akatsuki's hideout, the sealing statue was damaged, letting loose the Ichibi and Gobi. Akatsuki is forced into hiding, giving the five great nation's some time to breath. Unfortunately, a new organization has risen, competing with power, but with a entirely different goal. The name of this new dangerous organization is called XstarD. It's goal is not to get the tail beast but to get an item known as the golden seal. This seal is hidden from both ninja non ninja alike. Hidden deep within The Cave in the Land of Bears. Yet unknown which cave it is hidden in and no one knows where the seal is to this day. Some say the seal was taken from it's hideout while others say there was no such seal. The seal can do one of two things. It can save the world as we know it or it can destory the word as well know it.

The other thing that the XstarD want is 10 other items. These items are:

1) The skull neckless
2) The bottle of blood from the demon lord.
3) An invisibility cloak
4) Elder Wand
5) Resurrection Stone
6) Finder's Stone
7) Mithril Shirt
8.) The ring of hell
9) The book of the dead
10) The Staff of Haven

As for the golden seal, that is the last item they will be going for. Even if they do not know where it is they don't need it until they have the other items.

Who's side will you be on? Will you walk the path of a ninja? Or will you be a non ninja that gets caught up in this Join today and find out.
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Naruto RPG Site new just open need memebers.
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