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 Aikou Miyu

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PostSubject: Aikou Miyu   Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:32 pm

Name: Aikou Miyu
Nickname: Princess
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Miyu is approximatly of normal height and has quite a slim figure for a female. She has little muscles and it does not show on her body. Her long auburn brown hair is either in a braid, kept neatly in her hat or just free flowing. She wears a long pink scarf half the time she is out side. Her skin tone is not pale but lacks color that one develops who is constantly outside. She normally wears white clothes with a red or pink design on it. Unlike many others who normally wear one type of outfit, she has many different appearances for different occasions.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 129
Personal Preference: Male
Personal Effects:
Phobia: Fear of getting overweight and fear of falling in love.

Personality: Miyu acts extremely flirtatious to men rather to get her way or just to play with them. As she was raised to learn how to bend men to her will she has gained a personal liking in manipulating men. She even sometimes act flirtatious to men just out of instinct. She has made many male friends due to this behavior, though most are just friends she uses to get things she wants.

Miyu normally acts friendly around fellow females and never feels threaten by others, due to her ego making her believe she is the best looking one there is. Though she can act a bit catty to females who dislike her first.

Though she normally acts cheerful and a bit clumsy around others she is actually neither. She puts up this front for everyone to hide her manipulative and cruel nature. Around others she is extremely cruel of heart with a dark and deep philosophical mind. She truly doesn't care about being a ninja and does not share the same goals as her fellow Genins, and believe that ninjas are quite useless. As she does not believe any Country requires 2 King or leaders. One being Kage and the other being the Feudal Lord. In her opinion she would rather there just be Feudal Lords and no Kages at all.

Origin: Leaf Village
Ninja Village: Leaf Village

Rank: Genin

Blood Line/Clan: Aikou Clan

Character's History: Born into the small and depleted Aikou clan within the Leaf Village. Her mother was a manipulative woman who never loved anyone and only used her father to get pregnant. She manipulated him into believing she loved him and her father is now a permanent love slave to her mother. This led Miyu to have a dysfunctional outlook on men and families. As she grew up she hated her father for what he had become and her mother for what she did to him. Though she learned how to use the Aikou Clan's Genjutsus she was not able to learn their Ninjutsus. This helped her trick teenaged boys though she was only 13. She even had men who were 15 declaring their love for her and had boy at her age doing stuff for her.

It was up until she became 14 that she had manipulated the son of an ANBU. The ANBU grew upset that his son was being manipulated by some girl as if he was some play toy. The day after he learned of this he stelthfully abducted the girl and brought her to a secret location deep within the Hokage Great Stone Faces. There he planned on scaring her by using Genjutsu but he recognized that she was not even a ninja like her son, she was just an ordinary Villager. Upset on how his son was bested bya villager and at the same time impressed of this girl's abilities, he made her an offer. For not potentially killing her she would become a ninja of the Leaf Village. At first Miyu believed she was serious so she accepted the offer and joined the ninja academy.

It took but two years for her to pass the ninja academy. She planned on giving up on being a ninja after she graduated. However, wierdly enough she enjoyed being a ninja and she enjoyed the stronger she got as she trained to be a ninja. She decided to stay a ninja and progress her strength to the point that she could someday rule the Land of Fire.

Nindo: Love is for those who can not find true happiness.

Goal: Become a Feudal Lord's wife through manipulation.

RP Experience: over 4 years.

Picture: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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PostSubject: Re: Aikou Miyu   Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:38 pm


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Aikou Miyu
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