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 Yuushiro Uchiha [Kirigakure]

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Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: Yuushiro Uchiha [Kirigakure]   Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:18 pm

Please Read: Very Important:
Name: Yuushiro Uchiha

Nickname: Yusuke, The Flame of the Mist

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Yuushiro appears as many of the famed Uchiha clan: tall, dark, and handsome. These Mary-sue traits aside, however, Yuushiro is attractive in his own right, but he is not flawless in terms of appearance. His build is suited to a combination of speed and physical power, but not so much to endurance and suffering hard hits. In a way, his body-type, build, and frame can only be described as "athletic", a result of his intense training regimen. His toned muscles and lithe form emphasize both mobility and efficiency, which is part of the reason he focuses on ninjutsu and taijutsu more than some other Uchiha. He is quite tall, but not exactly for his age, and is far from overweight. While he is the perfect weight for his size, many describe him as "thin" (if they see him without a shirt on) but don't seem to mind his pale skin.

He has coal-black eyes that normally betray little-to-no emotion within them, and his hair -while dark- is closer to a smoky dark color than the pitch-black of many Uchiha. His eyes change to red when his Sharingan is activated, and he allows his hair to grow between medium-length and long. He does not, however, allow his bangs to drop in front of his eyes or impede his vision, which he takes a silent pride in. His side bangs reach down to his collarbones at their lowest peak, and his hair is almost symmetrically parted at the forehead.

Height: 5ft,9in tall

Weight: 125-134lbs

Personal Preference: While Yuushiro shows little interest in romance at this time, he prefers thinking of such things with the fairer sex in mind.

Personal Effects: Bandages he wears on his forearms to remind himself how handicapped he is until he completes a certain objective.

Phobia: Being helpless, being weak, being defeated, death.

Personality: Yuushiro is not really anyone's idea of a fun person to hang out with. On the contrary, others see him as melancholic, depressing, overly serious, quiet, and stuck-up. Only about 3/5 of these interpretations accurately reflect Yuushiro's personality. Yuushiro is a naturally quiet person, and this is augmented by the events of his childhood and the expectations that others had of him as an heir to the prestigious Uchiha clan. He does not like loud, noisy people; though in all honesty he doesn't really mind people who are simply over-talkative, as they remind him of his late sister. When he does encounter an overly-talkative person, he tends to just ignore them or give a small, subtle smile. He does not speak unless he feels that there is a reason to do so, and that what he has to say is somehow valuable, but neither does he remain silent to the point that others may think him mute.

Perhaps due to his lineage, Yuushiro possesses a small streak of arrogance, though his years as a shinobi of Kirigakure have more or less ironed this out of him and helped him keep it in check. He takes great pride in his Uchiha blood, believing that his clan is the closest thing to perfection in the ninja world. Ironically, he dislikes arrogant people who boast about their infinite power, and further despises pencil-pushers and bureaucrats who act as though the world comes to an end every time an issue that is relatively small comes to light. Because of this dislike of drama, he is convinced that he never wants to serve the village behind a desk, and plans to die on the battlefield if he is to die at all. He views the Uchiha clan as perfect, and life itself -in practically all matters- as a cycle...the old is replaced with the new, life with death before yielding to life once more...all things are cyclical and perfectly balanced...he considers it his job to help maintain that balance in a progressivist fashion.

Origin: Kumogakure, Kaminari no Kuni

Ninja Village: Kirigakure, Mizu no Kuni

Rank: Jōnin

Blood Line/Clan: As a member of the Uchiha, Yuushiro possesses the Sharingan, and has fully developed his Sharingan to it's third stage. (Accomplished upon inception of this final incarnation of Yuushiro by two free requests as a starting-character Jōnin-ranked ninja of the Mist.)

Character's History: Yuushiro Uchiha was born many years ago in the Village Hidden in the Clouds, to a small fraction of the Uchiha clan in that region. To the scattered Uchiha of Kumogakure, the birth of this heir to the clan was a watershed moment in which many believed this boy would grow up to become a powerful member of the clan and lead the Uchiha within the Hidden Cloud Village. His early childhood was peaceful enough, albeit uneventful beyond what most Uchiha children experience: he was taught the history of his clan, appreciation of his lineage, the Uchiha pride, and the history of the shinobi world thus far. At two years old, Yuushiro was joined by another Uchiha heir...his younger sister: Yuuna Uchiha. Even as two years old, Yuushiro seemed to fawn over his little sister, even doing what he could to take care and play with her until he turned five.

Three days after his fifth birthday, Yuushiro was told that he was to enroll in the ninja academy of Kurogakure. This sat well enough with Yuushiro, who by now was ready to prove his worth not only a shinobi of the Hidden Cloud, but as a member of the Uchiha clan. This drive to prove himself, this ambition for essentially laid the groundwork for his later expulsion from the Cloud. At first, Yuushiro's instructors were very taken with his prodigious talents. Both in paper tests and practical application of learned skills, Yuushiro demonstrated remarkable talent. His teacher's praised him, the village girls dubbed him "adorably intelligent", and his male classmates all wanted to emulate him, setting a higher standard for themselves and thus promising several excellent crops of young, ambitious shinobi.

At age nine, Yuushiro graduated from the academy and became a Genin. By this point, he had grown apart from his little sister, learning slowly but surely not to develop emotional attachments...the problem was, he had already done so to her long before learning to harden his heart. He cared for his sister, and whenever Yuushiro wasn't training (which wasn't very often) he would eat, sleep, or play with Yuuna. He began to accomplish several missions with a staggering success rate, only this time...well...the powers that be weren't impressed as much as they were intimidated. Someone in a high place didn't take kindly to the rising power of the Uchiha clan, but it wasn't until Yuushiro was fourteen and a Chūnin that someone ordered the attack. It still isn't clear to Yuushiro who ordered what...but in the dead of night, on Yuushiro's fourteenth birthday...the small Uchiha estate was attacked by a group of ANBU. Due to the small number of Uchiha in the village, it was almost no contest for the assassination squad.

Had the shinobi working on behalf of higher-ups (not necessarily the Raikage, but someone high enough to order around ANBU, or a conspiracy amongst their own unit) actually just done their job...well, the fourteen year-old Chūnin Uchiha boy would no longer be alive...but either of their own volition or the despicable orders from on high...the ANBU unit hesitated. They did not kill Yuushiro or Yuuna, but took them to the central shrine of the estate. There, Yuushiro was forced by some jutsu (he still isn't sure if it was ninjutsu or genjutsu) to do something horrible: he carved the Uchiha crest into the back of his younger sister. He did not respond to her screams of pain...he could not...he had no control. After making him carve that symbol into her back, they took the girl and it is believed that they executed her.

Whatever happened...whatever Yuushiro saw that night after being released from the spell cast on him...he lost it. He saw what he had done to his sister...what they had made him do...and he probably saw her die at their hands. In a rage, he lashed out...with the final development of his Sharingan eye, he destroyed the three ANBU who had taken out the clan's elders and his sister. After calming down, Yuushiro burned his sister's body and got the only man who seemed to be on the Uchiha's side to seal her so that she could never be revived from the legendary pure realm. After doing so -ensuring no one could ever use his sister's eyes or body- Yuushiro left the Cloud in the dead of night, setting fire to the Uchiha estate and unsure if any Uchiha survived the blaze or the aforementioned ANBU assault.

In one year or so, he was found by a man who recognized his Uchiha blood. Originally, the man expressed interest in him for his eyes, telling him that he intended to kill him and take his Sharingan by force. Yuushiro resisted, and the man was so impressed with the boy's potential...that he changed his mind. The man introduced himself as the Mizukage, stunning the boy...he knew the man hadn't gone all out during their little sparring match, but Yuushiro's strength had impressed the Mizukage enough that he revoked his wishes for Yuushiro's eyes, telling the boy something along the lines of "only a clan member can properly utilize such power...if you want to reach your potential, come with me."

Yuushiro followed the Mizukage, and was instated as an ANBU Chūnin of the Mist. After a year, he was promoted to ANBU Jōnin...and, one day after his eighteenth birthday...his loyalty and potential proven...Yuushiro Uchiha was appointed to the position of Jōnin.

Nindo: "Weakness leads to despair, but power permits us to protect those important to us, and to crush those who would pollute this vile world. The foolish thing in this world is those reckless hearts...who would dare, to challenge the Uchiha."

Goal: To gain power, and to exact revenge upon all of Kumogakure

RP Experience: Over a decade, half of that "professionally"

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Bob Nukem
Kiri ANBU Captain
Kiri ANBU Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Yuushiro Uchiha [Kirigakure]   Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:01 pm



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Yuushiro Uchiha [Kirigakure]
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