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 Return of the FallenOne

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A-Rank Rogue
A-Rank Rogue

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PostSubject: Return of the FallenOne   Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:10 pm

Age: 21

Appearance: Like the picture. He mostly wears a long black hooded cloak that hides his face and hands.

Height: "5,6"ft
Weight: 155 lds
Personal Preference: Females
Personal Effects: N/A
Phobia: Falling in Love

Personality: Scarface is a very mysterious person, he never really shows any emotions. He doesn't talk mush ether and has a very dead look in his eyes cause he cares very little for things. But don't him he wrong he would strike with no hesitation. Unlike most ninjas Scarface knows his limits and when to back off. He also tends to just test out his opponent before going all out. Scarface likes to keep his face hidden cause he doesn't like anyone to recognize him even tho all of his bonds are now cut.

Origin: Land of Earth
Ninja Village: Iwa
Rank: Tsuchikage/A rank Criminal (Jounin ANBU)

Blood Line/Clan: Hitsugaya

Character's History: Scarface was known as Shinji Hitsugaya and was the only member of his clan to participate in the Second Great Shinobi War. He was a represent for his Clan and for Iwa. During the war Shinji alone took on the most extreme and impossible mission/battles alone. He was the most elite ninja that ever lived in Iwa but unlike others he was loyal and never abused his power.

One day as shinji was on a mission he returned home to fine Iwa being attacked by ninjas belonging to the hidden Mist,Leave and kumo. Enraged by this sneak attack shinji set off to help claim his village back but it was futile. He was out numbered and out powered by the other ninja villages. During this fears battle his wife Rina joined him by his side alone with his best friend Amashi. As the battle raged on Shinji feel for another trick that almost cost him his life if it wasn't for Rina sacrificing her life and then Amashi getting ambushed by Kumo ninjas.

Shinji's heart was broken as he kneel down by his wife and held her dying body near his chest as she whispered her last words to him. "I Love you" as her body went cold Shinjis eyes began to fill with tears as his heart began to fill rage and hatred for those who took his beloved ones away from him. At that moment Shinji was consumed by his power and released his final form that would cause all those who stud in his sights to tremble in fear and fall into despair. Shinji's chakra began to turn black and purple and began to leak out of him. At that moment Shinji was dead and Scarface came to be. He stood up while turning his sights to the ninjas that surrounded him.

In second Shinji has slaughtered all of the ninjas that caused Rina and Amashi's death. Shortly after Shinji continued the onslaught of the enemy ninjas until a unique ninja from the hidden leaf had appeared in front of him. Who in fact had a demon soul within. The two ninja fought for two days and one night.After such a longing battle the Demon ninja unleashed all its power. A power that was even greater then shinji's but would also cost the life of the demon holder as well. As shinji began to vanish apart of him reminded on the ground.

Years have passed since the Second Great War, In the land of earth in the ruins of Iwa. The earth began to shake and the shape of a body appeared on the ground. Shinji awoke yelling as if he was still continuing from the last moment he was alive. After coming to his senses after suffering for hours from the shattered memories rushing through his head, he paid his respects to his fallen comrades and to his village. He vowed to take revenge on the other villages and rebuild his fallen home with his own hands.

As Scarface approached a large pill of rubble; he cleared the rubble in a instant and revealed the throne of the Tsuchikage and then bowed in respect for the former kage and then took his place as the NEW Tsuchikage of Iwa. Cause not the ear of Iwa shall begin once again!!!!

Nindo: Revenge

Goal: To raise Iwa back to its former glory

RP Experience: Idk


Last edited by Scarface on Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:45 pm; edited 7 times in total
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Konoha Jounin ANBU
Konoha Jounin ANBU

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PostSubject: Re: Return of the FallenOne   Sat Mar 05, 2011 1:04 pm

... As Mei-san already said we don't have an Iwa and as such don't have a Tsuichikage.

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Ninja Info
Nindo: To fight for what is right and for bad deeds to be justified.

PostSubject: Re: Return of the FallenOne   Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:23 pm

approved Until further notice!
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PostSubject: Re: Return of the FallenOne   

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Return of the FallenOne
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