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 Sareto Kira - B Ranked Rogue

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Ninja Info

PostSubject: Sareto Kira - B Ranked Rogue   Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:03 am

Name: Sareto Kira
Nickname: The Oni of Yuki Zaisho
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Appearance: If one was to describe Kira they would be at a loss of words compared to his reputation. Opposed to his reputation of being the Demon of the Snow Country Kira has a sort of regal appearance. Kira has long thick black hair that parts around his face and stretches down to his lower back tied into a ponytail between his neck and his lower back. His hair contrasts against his skin which takes on an extremely pale tone that is common to the mountain living people of the Iron Country. His eyes seem to be a mix between his skin and his hair as they have a stone grey tone to them; the color of his eyes seems to do nothing but good for his stern gaze. His face is soft that gives him a kind feeling to those who have not yet done something to garner his wrath. His appearance is flawed though, from his skin a person who tried hard enough could see a distinguishing scar behind his ear. Hard to see though, is the large fist sized circle scar on his stomach, which is usually covered in bandages that wrap around his stomach to hide it.

When at leisure Kira is an unassuming figure. Wearing a set of loose grey pants that open up wide at his ankles, he wears this in combination with a baggy black shirt. This appearance is fairly different to his traveling apparel, being more subtle to say the least. When traveling Kira wears clothing that more suits his regal appearance. He wears a set of pants that is similar to his casual clothing, except for the material is made from a fine silk with designs in purple created into it. To cover his chest he wears a fine open buttoned silk shirt that is the same color and design as his pants. On top of his shirt is a breastplate colored in different shades of purple, designed in the old fashioned samurai style with shoulder pauldrons to match. To fit the ensemble Kira wears black sandals to wear on his feet

Height: 6í1
Weight: 190
Personal Preference: Female
Personal Effects: Photo of old team
Phobia: Catoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors.
Chionophobia- Fear of snow.
Defecaloesiophobia- Fear of painful bowels movements.

Personality: Kira is a rather calm and serene person. Opposed to his reputation of being the Demon of Snow Country he walks around with a calm attitude at all times, this shows when he meets people he doesnít know. When meeting a stranger Kira is often inquisitive about the person, eager to learn about them and whether they are worthy. To a person who has done something to earn his suspicion, he gives nothing but a stern gaze, not wishing to speak to someone who has done something to wrong him.

Although that is a brief description of the person that is Kira it would be impossible to write out how every situation in his mind would play out. For his mind is vast in possibility. While still inside his country he was considered a genius and thus was treated with a higher regard that he has gotten used to. Thinking of most people as below him he will only ever really pay attention to those who prove themselves to be of an above average intelligence. But from troubles in his past there are three main factors of Kiraís psyche that are profound. The fear of mirrors and their ability to show a personís true self, the fear of the snow that has tormented him all his life, and the fear of painful bowel movements. All these things together make up the three main fears of Kira. In general he has a hatred of the three great ninja villages for their wealth and prosperity that leaves the smaller countries to scrounge around in poverty without being able to fight back due to the large amounts of shinobi.

Origin: The Land of Snow.
Ninja Village: Rogue

Rank: B Ranked Rogue

Blood Line/Clan:

Character's History: The life of Kira Sareto was all conceived on the fourteenth year of peace brought on by the end of the first great war. Being born to two bitter parents who had just barely survived the shinobiís war and were just barely scrounging enough money to live. Immediately after his birth his family was sent further into debt with various agencies just to be able to afford the proper accommodations and food to raise a newborn. This brought along a great deal of stress to the parents, whoís only joy left in the world, was spending time with their creation, their son Kira.

As a small child Kira was shown the harshness of the world in an unobstructed view, seeing as debt collectors came to the door nightly, banging loudly enough to stir the household from rest. Kira answered the door once and was severely beaten by the collector as a sign that his families time was running up. This beating left a small scar on the back of his ear. It was at the age of six that Kira learned the harshest lesson in the world. Waking in the dead of night he found his mother hanging on a noose from the ceiling and his father with his own sword stuck into his stomach, exposing the bowels to the boy. In utter terror Kira ran out into the night and ran into the same collector that beat him, explaining what happened the collector showed no sympathy and simply said the debt his parents owed was now his responsibility.

At the age of eight, after two years of doing tireless work for the collector Kira decided that he had a greater purpose in life than just working himself to death for a greedy man. But he would never be free as long as this man was alive. In the dead of night when the collector was asleep, Kira took the manís blade from its sheath and drove it into his stomach. The man only whimpered as he looked up into Kiraís eyes. Dragging the sword along his gut Kira recreated the scene that had been so vivid in his nightmares, making the man look identical to what his father had done. Cleaning himself up and waking up in the morning he called for the guard to come and investigate why his boss hadnít woken up in the morning. The guards arrived to find the body and concluded the man committed ritual suicide to escape from such a monotonous life. When asked if the boy had anywhere else to go he responded no. The guards nodded and decided to take the boy with them, to train him in the arts of the samurai.

It was a full year spent inside the guard houses before he would be taught anything. The guards who had taken him in told him that even though they would be training him it wouldnít be free and he would have to work to pay for his room and board. He spent a year cleaning the guardís equipment, clearing out the stables, and of course washing the dishes. It was a year that wasnít nearly as hellish as the two working for the collector. Finally the year passed and the guards began the training of the young boy. The guards taught him the principles of the samurai, trying to instill in him the proper way of the samurai. The guards believed that every person had a right to live and thus samurai should only kill as a last alternative. This was a value that Kira didnít believe. There were people that deserved to die, like the collector who had worked his family to death. Not showing his disagreement to the trainers he continued to nod and pretend to understand their logic of the samurai code. They would spend a full year instilling academics and making him learn the logic of the samurai, while it was grueling, it was the best year of his life.

It would take another year before the guards felt the need to start to learn more about their pupil. Kira was fairly reserved about telling his masters how his life had been, he thought they might look down on him or even arrest him if he told them he had murdered the collector. During his training he told his masters how the collector had hounded his family endlessly, how he had beat him that night, and how his parents committed suicide. His mentors felt sympathy for him and felt more resolved to turn Kira into a strong person. While there were many times when it came up, Kira never gave details on the collectors death, always sticking to the story that he wondered why his Ďmasterí had not gotten up in the morning. While Kira thought that his lie had been believed his mentors always had a feeling that murder and death was something this boy had achieved in his young life.

On his eleventh birthday his mentors presented him with his very first metal sword. Kira immediately felt a sense of dread as he held the sword, remembering how he plunged a sword into the gut of the collector that tortured him, and the image of his father slumped on the floor with a sword in his stomach. Both memories dropped him to his knees in a fit of sobs clutching the sword to his chest. His mentors were concerned for their pupil and tried to consul him, Kira only answer to his masterís callings was that he was ok. His masters left their pupil to himself and left to investigate the home of the Collector. This time without any sympathy for a small child clouding their judgment the guards search the area of death thoroughly. Looking around they find a dried pool of blood on the bed, many feet away from the scene of the death. Realizing that the boy must have killed the man and made it look like suicide for revenge for his family they rushed to the guard barracks, seeing the boy practicing with the blade against a wooden dummy. Kira gave a heartfelt smile to his masterís that is quickly wiped from his face. With a look of anguish on their face the guards call for Kira to drop the blade and lay down on the ground. With a look of confusion Kira understands that in response to his sobbing earlier, that his masterís took another look at the murder scene, finding that the boy had lied. Not willing to fight the two men that had acted as parents to him Kira complied with their demands and the men sobbed along together with Kira as they brought the boy into the palace for questioning and judgment.

Kira was ruthlessly interrogated by the investigators of the government of Snow Country. The investigators questioned Kira from everything about his life, from his parents to the collector. Kira explained everything in detail, his parents being hounded by collectors till their death, how the collector had taken Kira into his home to work off the debt his parents had collected, how he had murdered the collector and used the sympathy of the death to be taken in by the guards. The investigators didnít believe a life so cruel and believed the boy to be lying and protecting someone else. Kira swore that he was telling the truth. The investigators believing that the boy was simply trying to protect the guards decided that the guards who took him in would be put to death for the murder of the collector. The guards were brought out in front of the palace and put on their knees for execution. The men thinking the boy had lied again and told the investigators they did it began to give Kira a gaze of nothing but pure hatred. Kira tried to call out for them to stop the execution but it was too late, the blade was dropped and both of the heads rolled down the stairs of the palace, in front of the crowd that had gathered. It proved a point that no one was above the law, it proved to Kira, that no one could be trusted.

Kira cried and cried on the steps of the palace, watching the bodies of his foster parents lay limp on the top of the stairs, and their heads in a bloody pool at the bottom. He suddenly felt a warm hand on his shoulder. Expecting it to be that of a guard he yelled in anger. Looking back he saw the warm face of the heir of the nation, the person that would lead the country one day. The boy was about Kiraís age and had a concerned face. The boy felt sorry for Kira and announced an offer to stay with him and his family in the palace. Confused but grateful Kira accepted the offer. The leader of the Snow Nation looked over the two with cold calculation, knowing full well what a danger Kira could be to his son. While the location would be better for Kira, the treatment would be worse than it had been opposed to the loving embrace his mentors had given him.

Kira spent most of his days around his new friend which he learned went by the name of Matsamune. Matsamune was a competitive person who said that if a person didnít strive to be the best then they would be doomed to be mediocre. Kira would debate academics and the way of the samurai with his friend, much to the dismay of Matsamuneís father who didnít want his son to be anything near a samurai, wanting to craft him to be a politician. From all the time spent with Matsamune, Kira seemed to earn nothing but Matsamuneís fatherís ire. At the age of twelve Kira started to teach his friend what he had learned about being a samurai, his friend absorbing every detail he told him like a sponge. This went on for many years, teaching his friend about the way of the samurai and taking him to the stables to practice using blades. On his friends fifteenth birthday during their lesson his father walked inside during their swordfight. Thinking that the boy they had taken in was attempting to kill his son he yelled out for the guards. When Matsamune tried to defend his friend his father tossed the boy aside and told him it was for his own good and had the guards drag Kira off.

Kira was thrown into the dungeon of the palace, being told that he would serve a sentence of sixty years for an attempted assassination of an official member of the government. Staying silent the entire way to the prison he sat solemnly in his prison. He was greeted with the occasional visit from Matsamune, but each visit played out the same. Matsamune would beg for forgiveness and would be met with nothing but silence. Kira knew it wasnít Matsamuneís fault, but life had done nothing but make him bitter so far. And as far as Kira was concerned, it was time to start acting like it. This went on for a year, the visits would come daily. On Kiraís sixteenth birthday Matsamune told the guards to leave and told Kira a deadly secret. Matsamune explained how he had overheard his father talking about how he was going to surrender the independence of the Snow Country to a ninja village in a bid for greater influence to the ninja villages. After hearing this Matsamune hired a rogue ninja to poison his father, and that it was going down tonight. It was this time that Kira broke his silence. Shocked that his friend would commit such acts against a family member he asked him why he would do such a thing, his friend would respond with words that would stick with Kira, ďTo defeat a tyrant, one must become a demon. There are those who follow in this world and some who lead. My father is a prime example of a follower becoming a leader.Ē

The death of Matsamuneís father came as a shock to the entire country. Matsamune planned everything perfectly. Having burst open the door as the rogue ninja drove his knife into his fatherís throat, in front of a dozen witnessís Matsamune roared in anger and ran the ninja through with his blade. Looking over the two corpses with contempt Matsamune declared himself the next ruler of the nation and demanded for his friend and trainer to be pardoned and released from the dungeon. Welcoming his friend with open arms Matsamune told his friend that he wanted him by his side, training to become even greater warriors to protect the land of Snow. Kira eyed his friend with suspicion, this was a person that had grown entirely political and lost his childhood innocence that he had known. Kira answered his friend with a nod, while he would continue to be the closest friend to the leader of the Snow Country; he would never speak to his friend with the fondness ever again.

Kira and Matsamune would rule together over the country of Snow till they reached the age of nineteen. Each of the two were personally trained by the samurai Enji Shiníen. Kira felt himself distanced from his friend even further when Enji entered the picture. Enji had been a samurai of some renown, traveling the land slaying all those who he didnít feel were worthy. This had earned him the name The Slayer of Yuki Zaishou. Kira felt himself grow closer to the teacher every day, believing the teachers warped view of the world, finding it dangerously close to his own. But for every passing day he grew stronger, and spent more time with his teacher while Matsamune ruled from the palace. With the added time spent with his teacher he quickly surpassed Matsamune in the ways of the blade. Eventually the two friends believed themselves as rivals, and while it proved to destroy their friendship, it made the country prosper.

By the time they were both twenty one they had become two of the most feared people in the ninja continent. The two samurai friends who held the borders of the Snow Country with fierce resolution. Kira was by this time the general of the samurai army of the Snow Country and was known as the Demon of Yuki Zaishou, or the demon of the Snow Country. But there was another reason for this other than his fighting prowess. A month after his training with Enji began, Enji told him that he had the potential to become a shinobi, a person who manipulates the chakraís to perform great feats. It took a great many years but Kira had grown to become a great ninja, and with these powers he stabilized the nation of Snow and made his friend an influential voice for samuraiís in the ninja continent. But his friend was under the influence of a dark figure, one that would cause the relationship of Matsamune and Kira to collapse once and for all. During the night this figure told Matsamune that his closest friend was growing angry with ambition and tonight was going to commit a coup. Matsamune felt rage course through his being and ordered the entire guard house to awaken and execute Kira.

Kira awoke to find guards bursting in through his door, realizing that his friend must have finally gone crazy with political rage. Leaping from his bed he took his blade and fought off the guards till he could bar his door shut and collected some of his clothes and his armor. Escaping outside the window Kira snuck his way outside the city and spoke the words that had touched him one day and now fully made sense. ďTo defeat a tyrant, one must become a demon.Ē Kira escaped off into the night and felt that something had profoundly changed that night, because in fact it did, the night Kira escaped was the night the great bridge of the earth country was destroyed, and was the trigger to the second great shinobi war.

Kira spent the next three years traveling the land, after listening to the many rumors it became apparent that the land of Snowís military was now under control by a man named Toshira Kira. The man was an ex ninja who had escaped from his ninja village after murdering his entire team. Kira knew he couldnít leave his friend under the influence of someone so unstable. Traveling back to the land of Snow he snuck his way back inside of the capital. Walking into the throne room he found that no one was inside the room. But it was more than that, something was masking the room to make it feel empty. Kira quickly felt the largest pain he had ever felt. Matsamune had snuck up behind him and thrust his fist through Kiraís back. The time he had spent away from his friend had been deadly, as Matsamune had trained to develop his talents in great ways. Strength being the greatest of all. Coughing out blood Kira cried out to his friend, telling him that he has become a tyrant. His friend simply snarled at him and told him that he should have just let him be thrown in jail by his father on those footsteps long ago. Being tossed outside the city by the guards and left to die he felt the most utter sense of dread as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Kiraís story was not to end in a trench though. Kiraís life had been filled with so much hatred that his will was strong enough to rise him out of unconsciousness and give him the strength to crawl to the nearest road. Within minutes he was found by a roaming caravan who nurtured him back to life. The group recognized him and immediately began spreading word that they had found the general of the armies alive once more. Realizing that it wouldnít be long before he was tracked down because of the group he drew his blade and murdered the caravan, leaving his signature in the manner of his final words before leaving the village written onto the corpse with his blade. Frrom that day Kira was ranked into the bingo book as a B-Ranked criminal from the land of snow, forever on the run from his friend that had betrayed him.

Nindo: To live life truly, a man must become a monster

Goal: To live a life as best he can

RP Experience: 8

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Sareto Kira - B Ranked Rogue
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