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 Scourge Taiyo (UPDATE)

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S-Rank Rogue

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PostSubject: Scourge Taiyo (UPDATE)   Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:19 am

(Just fixing some info about her new rank and stuff >>; )

Name: Scourge Taiyo

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Gender: Female


-Eye Color
Scourge managed to inherit her father's blue eyes instead of her mother's green. Over the years, the blue color has faded, and her eyes appear to be a light gray then the deep blue they once were.

Being a shinobi, Scourge likes to keep her hair out of her face. Her brown hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail of some sort with side bangs that near reach past her jaw. When let down, her hair is straight, and reaches past her shoulders. It's not too long, and not too short.

Scourge is rather different from the other teenagers in her age group for several reasons. She is actually rather round in appearance; in contrast to the usually skinny girls that most encounter around her age. She isn’t fat by any means, not in the least. She has just developed curves and a chest that women normal develop when they are around 17 or 18. Needless to say, hormones are a bit#h. This causes a lot of misconception about her age, and it tends to get under her skin. Thankfully, she is a good sport and corrects them politely. She tends to wear make-up, not a lot, but she enjoys eye shadow, lip gloss and so on.

Scourge isn’t the most obsessive about fashion, but she has her own tastes that she expresses through what she wears. When she is not assigned to a mission, or is simply out to enjoy herself, she’ll probably layer her clothes. A good example would be her wearing a white tank top with a blue plaid shirt to work as a jacket of sorts; along with a pair of jeans that will be equipped with one too many studded belts and black laced boots. Rarely will she ever wear a skirt, but under the occasion that she does, she’ll probably wear leggings underneath. Mission wise, she tends to dress smartly. A black trench coat; a low cut black shirt with fishnet underneath, and the usual ninja pants and sandals. On some occasions, she’ll also bring along a pair of goggles. Her headband is normally tied around her neck to work as a neck guard. She’ll also wear gloves in order to increase her grip when she’s climbing.

Height: 5’4

Weight: 138

Personal Preference: Men.

Personal Effects:

-Engraved Lighter
Despite being too young to smoke, Scourge carries around a silver lighter in her pocket. It’s intricately designed and at a closer glance, someone should be able to notice her clan symbol among the design. It’s her lucky charm, and tends to get touchy if someone tries to take it away. It was her father’s.


- Claustrophobia
For some strange reason, Scourge hates tight places or crowded areas with a burning passion. Naturally, she strays away from such places, but obviously experiences strain when she finds herself in these areas. She becomes short breathed and tends to feel trapped or ill. So, if you have any common sense, do try to not bring her into some big city or something, unless of course, your her enemy. Then feel free to do so.


Scourge Taiyo is currently at a strange stage in her life. She finds herself caught between her profession and her life as a teenager, and it causes quite a conflict in emotions on her part. Cold blooded killer one moment, a spastic teenager the next, it is confusing to say the least. For as long as this teenager can remember, she has been taught to never show emotion and to approach everyone with caution. Yet, Scourge is not a serious person by nature. Deep down, she’s a bundle of excitement and could talk anyone’s ear off. At this stage in her life, she finds it difficult to act as who she really is, rather then what she has been taught to be.

Around her comrades, Scourge Taiyo is seen as the friend that ropes people into trouble. Her life as a ninja has taken the trill out of a lot of things in her life, so she has resorted to acting out as a method to keep herself entertained. Being rebellious is something any superior should expect from this teenager, along with her constant plans and plots. Mind you, she does tend to feel bad if she gets someone in trouble. She doesn’t give a flying care if she gets busted, but if it’s a friend who gets the blame, she won’t hesitate to confess and take all of the blame. Or lie her butt off so her friend gets out of the situation all together. The only reason she hasn’t gotten her butt kicked by anyone in charge is because she helps keep up moral, and is excellent at what she does on missions.

On a negative note, Scourge does have her flaws, and they come in the bucket load. She’s stubborn, very, very stubborn. Rarely does she ever change her opinions. She has a list of opinions that she sticks by, and nothing will ever sway her away. Even if others would see her choices as foolish, unrealistic, and just plain impossible. She holds grudges as well, and she’ll hold them for awhile. When you get Scourge angry, she can turn nasty and flat out rude. Insulting her opinions, or how she sees things can result in this. It could also result in a attack on her person, or if you harm one of her friends. Scourge can be bitter, and she’s not scared to show her fangs.

On missions, this is were Scourge’s personality does a 360. From happy and carefree, to cold hearted and dangerous. The only thing that matters is getting the job done right, no matter how big the mess left behind is. She will not hesitate to kill, nor will she hesitate to follow commands. No remorse, no mercy, and no enjoyment. She simply does her job, never hesitating. Over the years, this teenager has learned to detach herself from any combat situation, and it is a tool that she hides behind. Yet, over the years, Scourge has found it harder and harder to rely on this side of herself. Her mask is cracking, and she can no longer shield away the faces of her victims.

After leaving Kiri, Scourge has managed to slip behind the mask of cold indifference, yet it has come with some difficulties. As a freelancer, many things have become far more difficult. Her ideas have become vague, and her goal suddenly seems a million miles away. Deep down, a part of her is unsure of her path, and she wonders if she's doing the right thing. Of course, she won't share these doubts. Around others, she seems the same. Almost as if leaving Kiri hasn't changed her at all.

Origin: Kiri

Ninja Village: None. Freedom Rocks.

Rank: B Rank Rogue

Blood Line/Clan: Taiyo

Character's History:

Being brought into the Taiyo family was not a easy task. Born on a cold December night, Scourge Taiyo was brought into the world, much to the horror of her parents. They had been expecting twins, unfortunately, she was the only one to survive. The Taiyo family has always had problems with reproduction, it was expected that something wrong would occur with the young couple. Moving past the despair of the child they had lost, they focused all of their time on a young Scourge.

They had given her a traditional Taiyo name, and had proceeded to watch the young infant like a pair of hawks. Many Taiyo children were likely to grow ill and die shortly after birth, but young Scourge proved to be healthy. Within two years, she was walking and at the pinnacle of health. Seeing that their child was going to grow up healthy, the parents stepped back, and allowed their only child to be educated in the same manner they had been.

For as long as Scourge can remember, she can recall harsh training and lessons from different clan members. Her parents had been elite ANBU members, and naturally, the same was expected of their only daughter. For years, her whole life revolved around ninja training. One would think that it would be a harsh childhood, but Scourge can still remember brief moments were she was allowed to break free from the lessons.

Around the age of ten, she graduated from the Academy with high marks. She was assigned to a small team of other Genin. In her team, she was appointed as the stealthiest. Usually, when a mission required sneaking in and out of locations, she was chosen usually. She stayed Genin for two years, and at the age of twelve managed to pass the Chunin exams with no casualties. From there, she went straight into ANBU, just like her parents.

Strangely, she adapted to her new job quickly, and excelled. Scourge was sent on a wide array of missions. From assassinations to arrests and so on, she had done it all. It was around this time did Scourge begin to respect the training she received as a child. During her term as a Chunin in ANBU, she became more and more detached from everyone around her. She had been replaced with a shell of her former self. Her missions were the only thing that mattered The only thing that kept her going. Scourge Taiyo became devoid of all emotions, and rarely returned home to her parents. During her time, she spent all of her time isolated or training with her squad. She lost herself into missions, the weight of her murders was shrugged off her shoulders with no remorse.

It wasn’t until three years later was Scourge ripped away from ANBU. She had been upgraded to a Jounin rank. Within a week, she found herself with a team of her own Genin to look after. It was her first time in charge of anything, and needless to say, she was unsure of what to do. For so long, she had been withdrawn from the world, and being out of ANBU left her feeling strange. It took months for Scourge to finally crack a smile, and even longer for bits and pieces of her former self to be restored. It wasn’t until her team had turned into Chunin did she finally feel like herself again.

She is now sixteen, and well...a lot has happened. Recently, she had received papers from the Mizukage. She was to be enlisted into ANBU, just like when she was Chunin. Needless to say, Scourge declined. Already, a veteran complex settled into her head. She began to experience nightmares, and fell into insomnia. One night, she got drunk beyond reasoning, and managed to stumble across a group of rebels who aimed to overthrow Kiri. Scourge was sick of the missions at this point, and despite her intoxicated state, agreed to aid them.

The next day, the ANBU returned to base to find a farewell note and seven corpses of high ranking officers.

By the time this was discovered, Scourge was already well out of Kiri borders, a sliced headband clenched in one hand.


-“Just keep moving.”
Scourge has experienced her fair share of battles and has learned to always keep pushing herself forward. Her nindo is to remind herself to always keep the past behind her, and accept her possition as a shinobi.

Goal: Revolution. Enough said.

RP Experience:

Meh. Probably close to two years now. I don't really keep track anymore. It's probably more then that, but hey, who cares? XD

Picture: Icon.
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Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Scourge Taiyo (UPDATE)   Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:11 pm


Kimi wa oujo boku wa meshitsukai, unmei wakatsu aware no futago~

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Scourge Taiyo (UPDATE)
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